Budgeteer is a new simple yet powerful tool to manage personal finances. You can get full control over your spendings by setting budgets for individual categories.

For more information please visit our website budgeteer.rocks. Sign up now and your first 6 months will be completely free. No credit card required, no strings attached.

More info: budgeteer.rocks

Sleep On It!

Sleep On It is a tool to fight against the impulse purchases. You can manage the items you'd like to buy in one place. Prioritize the items by using the shopping cart and put the less urgent ones to the wish list.

You can automatically get notifications when the waiting period is over and check out the item. You can use the waiting period to review the products directly in the app and make informed decisions.

More info: Sleep On It!

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NoteMap is a location-based note-taking application that allows you take photos and attach them to your notes at your location. No more random images without any context.

With NoteMap, you can enter a descriptive text in your note and attach as many photos as you want. This way you know when, where and why you took the photos.

More info: NoteMap

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Web Development

Everybody needs to have their presence on the web. Be it a small personal website or a large commercial web application, you want to have it done quickly and reliably. Our professional staff is here to provide you the fast and robust projects you are looking for.The type or scale of the project does not matter for us. Technova IT Solutions Ltd takes all projects and customers equally seriously.

Our features are:

  • Fast development process
  • Secure and robust code
  • Fully tested and documented source code
  • Unlimited phone and email support


For a quote, please send an email to 








Mobile Development

Mobile is taking over the world by storm. Everyday more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to access services and products. In this competitive market, take a leap and show your difference. Technova IT Solutions can help you to make your customized mobile application hassle-free with affordable prices.

Our features are:

  •  Native iOS applications developed with Apple's state-of-the-art programming language Swift
  •  Fast development process
  •  Secure and robust code
  •  Fully tested and documented source code
  •  Unlimited phone and email support


For a quote, please send an email to support@technovaITsolutions.com



Web Hosting

When surfing the web, there is nothing more annoying than a slow, unresponsive site! We are here to provide fastest and most reliable web hosting you can get. Our staff is specialized in scaling web applications. Your application will be hosted on multiple servers providing 99.9% uptime.

Depending on the majority of your customer base you can choose the datacenter closest to you. Our system is powered by Amazon Web Services. Combining Amazon’s  powerful infrastructure with our professional staff’s experience we provide the best hosting solutions with very competitive prices.

If your traffic increases over time, our system will scale out to meet your needs so you’ll get high quality service always.



Our features are:

  • Fast and responsive sites
  • Auto-scaling up or down depending on the traffic
  • Option to choose datacenter closest to you
  • Nightly full backups of databases and applications




For a quote, please send an email to support@technovaITsolutions.com


IT Support


Using technology and computers is almost inevitable in all industries. You may have to use computers but you don’t have to be an expert on IT and technology. Now you can safely leave the cumbersome technical details to us while you concentrate on your work. With the specialized software we are using, we can remotely monitor and solve your problems.

If you have a server to maintain you can relax while keep it up and running. With our cloud based  backup system your data will always be safe.


Our services are:

  • Unlimited remote support
  • Data recovery
  • Unlimited and continuous backups
  • Computer repair and setup
  • Home office setup (Network setup, configuration of computers,  printers, mobile devices, automated backups)


For a quote, please send an email to support@technovaITsolutions.com